Empowering Veterans to Thrive in Agriculture

The IA Farmer Veteran Network
Our network of members and supporters is the heart of VIA. Join today to share experiences and learn from others.

VIA Resource Guide
VIA can put new farmer veterans in touch with service providers to help develop a successful farm operation.

Rural America Hiring Heroes
Find the resources and organizations that can help you locate and succeed in an agricultural career.

Find a Farmer Veteran
Learn where you can buy local farm products from veterans, find a veteran to lease your farmland, or hire a veteran for your ag or rural business.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Veterans In Agriculture provides a comprehensive approach to accomplishing its mission of empowering veterans to succeed in Iowa agriculture. This means providing information, making referrals, and creating networking opportunities for farmers and ag career seekers.

Veterans Seeking Agricultural Jobs and Careers

If you’re looking for a career in agriculture or to hire veterans into your existing agriculture business, you’ll likely find our Rural America Hiring Heroes program most beneficial.

Veterans Seeking to Start or Grow Their Farm Business

If you’re a veteran looking to start or grow your own farm business, this VIA Framework helps tie our farmer assistance programs together in order to lay a strong foundation and provide the tools and information needed to grow your farm business.

Start with the Farm Building Resource Guide for information on critical issues for a successful farm business. Next, utilize our network of service providers and other farmers that can provide further advice on constructing your farm business.

Your Farm Business
Ultimately, your success will depend on your own hard work and perseverance but also on your ability to change and adapt. As your farm grows we encourage you to continue to take part in the VIA network, attend workshops, and guide other veteran farmers.
VIA Network
We rely on our farming veteran members to share experiences and resources. Join the network to meet with, learn from and share experiences with other farming veterans dealing with the same issues and striving toward similar goals.


Continuing Education
Use the Events Portal to find diverse learning events. You can subscribe to receive updates based on your type of operation and interests. VIA hosts occasional workshops on topics of concern expressed by our members.


Iowa VIA Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers
Knowledge.  Knowledge is the keystone to any successful farm enterprise. This extends far beyond knowing how to grow things. In our Farm Building Resource Guide you’ll find information on business development and formation, financial planning, marketing, and more. You’ll also find information on how to further your learning by fully utilizing agricultural and veterans assistance programs.

Capital.  Farms also require capital. In the Farm Building Resources you’ll find information on agricultural and veterans financial assistance programs. As a veteran, you may have access to VA programs that can increase the bottom line of your farm business. Its important to fully utilize these programs as well as typical farm programs through the USDA, Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and others.

Land.  Farmers need a place to raise crops and livestock. While closely associated with access to capital, our Guide addresses land access issues beyond financing a land purchase. We provide information on alternative land access models, how to use small parcels for high return products, and how to market yourself to landlords. We again explore both farm and veteran assistance programs for land access.

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