Our Veterans

We are proud of the veterans we have helped.  To connect to a veteran in agriculture near you, email us at [email protected]

Farmer working outside
Joe Villines, Farmer-Veteran
Cummings, Iowa
Woman holding freshly pulled carrots
Sonia Kendrick, Farmer Veteran, Cedar Rapids
Man standing in front of tractor
Tyler Albers, Farmer Veteran, Waverly, Iowa
Man standing with stack of papers beside pickup truck
Jason Kerr, Farmer Veteran, DeWitt
Man sitting in row of crops
Aaron White, Veteran Farmer from Carlisle, Iowa
Two men and a tractor
Michael Simester, Farmer-Veteran, meeting with Dave Baker, Board Member
Man and women standing in front of a field
Jathan Chicoine Family, Farmer Veteran, Story City, Iowa
Woman carrying basket of cucumbers
Sonia Hendrick, Farmer Veteran, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Founder of “Feed Iowa First”
Two men and a tractor
Farmer Veteran Paul Havren with his Dad in Milo, Iowa