Additional Aid

Networking and Education

Veterans in Agriculture understand that veterans entering the agricultural field need more than access to land and capital. That is why VIA offers access to networking and continuing education opportunities.

VIA Network
We rely on our farming veteran members to share experiences and resources. Join the network to meet with, learn from and share experiences with other farming veterans dealing with the same issues and striving toward similar goals.


Continuing Education
Use the Events Portal to find diverse learning events. You can subscribe to receive updates based on your type of operation and interests. VIA hosts occasional workshops on topics of concern expressed by our members.


Veterans and Seeking Jobs

We provide veterans with information on planning their education, locating jobs, and developing careers in Iowa agriculture. We also collaborate with organizations and agencies that specialize in resume development and translating military skills and experience to civilian jobs.

Veteran Employment Services
Hero to Hired

Home Base Iowa

Iowa Workforce Development: Veterans Employment Services

Iowa Workforce Development: Apprenticeships for Veterans

National Guard Job Connection Education Program Contacts